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We're the #1 Toyota parts provider in Drayton Valley. Our fully equipped service and parts center will have the parts, accessories and information you need in a timely, courteous, and professional matter. Our Drayton Valley Toyota Parts advisors and managers are factory trained and certified, and we carry a huge inventory of manufacturer original equipment parts for all Toyota models.


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Toyota Parts
Drayton Valley Toyota has a full range of genuine Toyota parts and accessories at the best price just waiting to be used. We are happy to go over the entire inventory of Toyota parts and accessories, help you find the right product for your needs, and then install it for you. Genuine Toyota accessories can improve the style, versatility, performance or durability of your Toyota vehicle. Our most popular accessories include trailer hitches for Toyota trucks and SUVs, roof boxes and bike racks, ski and snowboard racks, winter mats, and cargo organizers.

Your Toyota vehicle has literally hundreds of accessories designed specifically for it and we have them all at Drayton Valley Toyota. We also have genuine Toyota parts for new and old Toyota models. These accessories and parts are covered under a generous warranty and they will always surpass your expectations.

Toyota Genuine Brake Pad Replacement
When everything else in your car is built to help you get moving, your braking system handles the other half -- slowing down. When it comes to something as important as brakes, you want service you can trust. Visit Toyota on the Trail for expert brake servicing.

From $79.95* + Installation

 brake 20 padsToyota Genuine Batteries

Toyota Premium Batteries are designed, engineered, and rigorously tested to meet your Toyota's exact specs in terms of voltage, physical size, and terminal configuration.

From $113* + Installation

Toyota Water Removal Additive

Improves engine efficiency by cleaning and lubricating valves, injectors, and fuel pump. Protects fuel lines from freezing and corrosion.

Contact for pricing

water removal additive 1Toyota Genuine Cabin Air Filters

Cabin air filters can get dirty over time, leading to poor air quality inside of your car. Replacing your cabin air filters can also help your car's heating and cooling systems run more effectively.

From $32.95* + Installation

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Toyota Genuine Engine Air Filters
Replacing your engine air filter regularly can contribute to improved fuel economy and prolong the life of your engine.

From $29.95*

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Toyota Tires

Nobody knows your Toyota better than we do, so trust Drayton Valley Toyota to pair you with tires that match your vehicle perfectly. 



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‌Genuine Toyota Accessories

Toyota Dashboard Cameras
Safely record what happens on the open road while keeping your eyes on driving. Plus, this Toyota Genuine Dash Camera will also allow you to record the surroundings of your vehicle while it is parked.

Contact Drayton Valley Toyota' Parts Department for pricing.

 dash 20 camsToyota START+ Long Range Remote Engine Starters

Toyota START+ is the only remote engine starter that fully integrates with your Toyota, allowing you to start your engine from as far as 800 metres away and more.

Contact Drayton Valley Toyota' Parts Department for pricing.

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Toyota Side Step Bars
Side step bars not only help passengers get into a vehicle, but also give the vehicle a rugged look. Available at
Drayton Valley Toyota, wedge step bars are custom fitted and designed for your vehicle.

Contact Drayton Valley Toyota' Parts Department for pricing.

 side 20 step 20 barsToyota Tow Hitches

Every Genuine Toyota tow hitch features a model-specific design that's precisely engineered to fit your vehicle, so you can be confident that your hitch was built to achieve the vehicle's safest maximum tow rating.

Contact Drayton Valley Toyota' Parts Department for pricing.

 tow 20 hitches

Toyota Soft Tonneau Covers
Featuring a sleek trifold design, the low-profile soft Tonneau cover is easy to install and remove for storage. Use it to deter theft of your gear and other valuables as well as protect them from hazardous weather.

Contact Drayton Valley Toyota' Parts Department for pricing.

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Toyota Roof Racks

Genuine Toyota Roof Racks are custom-fit for your Toyota model, and offer an integrated look and superior cargo-carrying capability without sacrificing interior space.

Contact Drayton Valley Toyota' Parts Department for pricing.

 roof 20 racks
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