Getting Road Trip Ready with Toyota

You know warmer days are fast approaching when you start planning road trips with your friends and family. With breathtaking views, a great playlist, and snacks; it's always the best way to kick off the summer fun.
Whether your next escapade is by the Canadian Rockies or somewhere closer, being prepared guarantees that you make the most out of your escape.

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Here are a few things to remember when getting ready for your adventures:
Get Your Vehicle Ready
Before you pull away from your driveway, prep your vehicle by having a thorough inspection. Book a service appointment with our experts to get these checked:
Tire tread depth
Your tire tread gradually wears over time which affects your vehicle's traction and braking time. To verify if your tires still have a good tread count, insert a quarter into one of the grooves. If you see the tip of the caribou's nose, then you may need to get your tires replaced.
Getting your tires replaced before your drive improves fuel efficiency and ensures your safety.

Your oil cleans your engine and helps protect it from over-heating, especially on long drives. Having a clean and proper oil level prevents unnecessary stops.

Brake Pads
Having healthy brakes means having peace of mind when you get on the road. Get it evaluated and replaced if needed.

Check Travel Restrictions
Restrictions vary from one place to another. It's best to take notes of the rules, roads and stopovers you would be making along the way.

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Keep Essentials On Hand

Make a list of the things you'll be needing at your destination and during the drive. Keep your necessities such as gadgets, water and snacks within reach so you won't have to stop all the time to look for them in the trunk.

Get your phones and cameras ready for quick photo-op moments to preserve the memories from your trip. Another great way of capturing your road trip is to hook a Toyota Genuine Dash Camera in your vehicle. It starts recording videos, audio and location once your vehicle's ignition is turned on. It also has different recording modes to safe keep video footage which you can access through the free app.

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Don't Forget the Playlist!

It's not a road trip if you don't belt your heart out to good music! Road Tripping with Toyota playlist on Spotify is a good starter to get everyone in the mood.

The most important things though? Have fun and make great memories. Following your regular Toyota Maintenance Schedule and the recommended service intervals (6 months or 8,000 km, whichever comes first) will allow you do to that without having to worry about a smooth drive.

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