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The Future of Accessibility: Toyota Mobility Foundation & MaRS Discovery District Launch the Mobility Unlimited Hub in Toronto

5th April 2024

In Toronto, the Mobility Unlimited Hub is transforming the concept of mobility. It's not just about getting from A to B; it's about empowering individuals to lead active, independent lives. By fostering innovation and providing essential resources, the Hub enables people to pursue their passions and live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Bridging the Gap in Mobility Technology

Through a collaboration between the Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) and MaRS Discovery District, the Mobility Unlimited Hub is bridging the gap in the mobility technology ecosystem. It accelerates the development and adoption of early-stage personal mobility technologies, ensuring that promising innovations reach the mass market. From funding opportunities to marketing support, the Hub provides vital resources to drive success.

Championing Inclusivity and Community Engagement

With millions of Canadians facing accessibility barriers, the Mobility Unlimited Hub plays a crucial role in championing inclusivity. By engaging with the community and prioritizing input from those with disabilities, the Hub ensures that solutions meet diverse needs. Together with local partners, it aims to create a more accessible society where everyone can thrive.

Source: https://www.toyota.ca/toyota/en/about/news/the-future-of-accessibility-toyota-mobility-foundation-and-mars