It's Time to Put Winter Tires on Your Toyota

The thought of winter driving on Alberta roads is enough to make anyone nervous. Nothing calms those nerves like knowing you have the right tires for the job. It's also nice to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your tires were installed by a certified Toyota technician at Drayton Valley Toyota.

It’s a commonly held belief that you can get through the winter with all-season or all-weather tires. In fact, there’s a good chance that you have braved an Alberta winter without winter tires with few issues. Yet, these tires were not made with colder climates in mind and winter tires have a big advantage when the temperature drops.

Not Just For Snow

The main reason many people get winter tires is to increase traction when the road is covered in snow or ice. This is a great reason to get winter tires, but winter tires aren’t just for the snow! When the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius, all-season tires begin to harden, reducing their ability to grip the road. Winter tires are made with special compounds that prevent the tires from hardening in cold temperatures.
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Extra Tread

Of course, not sliding around on the ice and snow is the main reason to get winter tires. Few things feel better than hitting the breaks on an icy road and coming to a complete stop! The extra tread on winter tires increases traction on slippery roads, helping you feel safer on your daily commute.

Winter tires also make a big difference if you need to drive through deep snow or drive up a snow-covered hill. It is not fun to be driving up a slight incline, only to find your tires spinning out and having to ask your neighbor to push your car so you can get to work on time. Save yourself the trouble and get winter tires at Drayton Valley Toyota before it's too late!


Winter Tires Required

If you drive a Toyota, chances are you like to go on an adventure every now and then. It’s worth noting that in certain areas in Canada your tires need to meet certain specifications. For example, if you want to drive on some highways in BC during the winter, you will need to have winter tires.

Alberta winters can be harsh, so it’s important to be prepared for everything. Even if it’s as simple as driving up a hill to get to work or as adventurous as going on a snowy vacation in BC. At Drayton Valley Toyota, we’ll help you find the perfect winter tires for your vehicle.

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