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Winterization Tips

Winter is here to stay, and your Toyota needs extra care to limit unwanted winter surprises. Of course, the first step to preparing for winter is swapping out your tires for winter tires as soon as the temperature drops below 7 degrees. You’ll also want to visit Drayton Valley Toyota’s service department to ensure your vehicle is ready for winter.

Stay Safe

No matter what, there is always a chance that you find yourself in an unexpected situation this winter. That’s why you’ll want to have a roadside emergency kit stocked up, booster cables and winter clothes to keep you warm. Plus, don’t forget to have a spare tire and all the tools you need to change it!

Check Battery Health

One of the most important winter maintenance tips is getting your battery checked. Too many of us have experienced a dead battery in the morning when we’re supposed to be going to work. Or worse, a dead battery at the end of the workday when we’re supposed to be going home! The service technicians at Drayton Valley Toyota will be able to advise you on whether you need to get a new battery.

Fill Your Fluids

The cold weather can affect certain fluids in your vehicle, so it is important to have a technician check your coolant system, brakes, and oil. Our technicians will also look for any cracks or leaks that could lead to bigger problems in the future.

Maximize Visibility

In Alberta, the days get a lot shorter during the winter months. You’ll spend a lot more time driving after the sun goes down so its very important to have lights that help you see, and help others see you. Further maximize visibility by making sure your windshield is in good condition and you have the windshield wipers for the job.
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Book Your Service

The best thing you can do to help your Toyota get through the winter in top shape, is to book an appointment with the certified technicians at Drayton Valley Toyota. They will inspect your vehicle for anything that might cause problems and repair your vehicle with Genuine Toyota parts. Check out our service specials and book your service now! 

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